Gray Ghost Vineyards

14706 Lee Highway
, Amissville
, VA

A Winery in Amissville, VA also offering Private Tastings, Tasting Rooms

This information might be outdated. Please contact the winery for the most accurate details.


Some of the grapes listed might be used in blended wines. Please check with the vineyard for more details.

  1. I have been a Gray Ghost Vineyard fan for almost 20 years and I have never had anything but great wines. I have moved to South Carolina, but I still go back to Virginia to get my wines. And the first stop on my trips is always Gray Ghost Vineyards. I have bottles of Stag’s Leap Cabs from California, but my go to wine will always be my Cabs or Petit Verdot from Gray Ghost. I have drank a lot wines from all over the world and some are very good, but I always goes back to my Virginia wines and Gray Ghost is always my first choice. It’s always about what you like. Try Gray Ghost and you will understand why it’s my first choice.

What was your experience at Gray Ghost Vineyards?
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