Davis Valley Winery

1167 Davis Valley Road
, Rural Retreat
, VA

A Winery in Rural Retreat, VA also offering Tasting Rooms

This information might be outdated. Please contact the winery for the most accurate details.


Some of the grapes listed might be used in blended wines. Please check with the vineyard for more details.

  1. The visit to Davis winery was a wonderful and fun experience. Even though the water was still off (during the holiday season) the owner, winemaker and customer service rep, Tom, were all working and positive. The owner was assisting and touring people and the winemaker was also happily assuming multiple roles. He and Tom were a pleasure to meet and the sweet wines were award-winning. All of the sweet wines were very well-balanced and I can highly recommend them. The gentleman work together very well, and it was a highly pleasurable experience, with a lot of laughing. I am grateful to Tom for being such a gracious host.

What was your experience at Davis Valley Winery?
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